Monday, September 19, 2011

Back in high school, calculus hit me in a funny way upside the noggin.  Perhaps that got me thinking.  Or perhaps it was talking to the designer of these pretty pictures.  Whatever the reason, I began to wonder--what differentiates sounds from music? 
Only that our minds perceive mathematical patterns in music. 
A few assumptions naturally follow.  If God laid out a whole world in pattern, and orchestrates all of history in pattern, and if God sees all, from the beginning of time...Then do all the sounds in the world fall into music for God?  Sitting sideways to our world in time (Sideways, by the way, is a lovely short story by Nathaniel Lee), if he hears everything, and if his mind has the ability to comprehend the patterns laid out in the sounds of the universe, God must hear music.
I thought to myself that I would set out to make a distillation of the music God hears, but then I realized--who am I to decide which sounds to include, and which to leave out?
I set out to ask the rest of humanity.  Over the past four years, I have asked perhaps a hundred people from different countries what sound they consider the most important.  Now, it's time to take that information online and bring our public figures into the picture.

And so, I pose the question to you.  What is the most important sound in the world?

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