Tuesday, November 29, 2011

People of Whom I Would Like To Ask--"What is your most important sound?"

As I've said before, this little project is around to foster a deeper love and understanding of the people around us. I think sometimes I limit myself by forgetting--a person's most important sound is the gateway to that person themself (wow, awful grammar there). Sometimes, I just try to get a sound and get out. But that's not the point. The sound opens windows to knowing the person better. In ordinary conversation, that sound question would give me a chance to open the person up, make them feel comfortable, and connect with them. I realize sometimes that in trying to take this project "big" I forget the entire purpose of the sound. Yes, I want to gather sounds to make my lifelong song--the song of the world--but a big part of it is meeting the actual people! Like my interview with my editor friend from the last post. I didn't just grab a sound and get out. We talked! Granted, she's a dear friend. But...

I saw an intrepid lady on the metro last month who dashed through and got herself stuck in the doors. She was so determined to get on, and I wanted to meet her. But I was so shy--me, shy!--and did not ask her my sound question, or any other question, or even say hi. I'll regret it forever! So all that said, I hope I remember to talk to people and find out about them in the future. So many wonderful people all around us to find out about! Not to sound Pollyannish.

But there are people I'd like to meet--to get beyond the controversies and legends, and just talk to, like people. Girl to man, woman, boy, or girl. Seeker to Most Important Sound. Face to face. I can dream.
In no particular order...this list subject to grow and shrink at a whim. "Good guys" and "bad guys" and all over.

Barack Obama
Chuck Norris
Ryan Higa
Rush Limbaugh
Michelle Obama
Justin Bieber
Harrison Ford
Crow (author of http://www.nicky510.com/)
The XKCD guy (Randall Munroe)
Machosauce productions (Alfonso Rachel)
Ron Paul
George W. Bush
John Piper
The Valve Team that worked on Portal
Relient K
Kelly Minter
The lady who inspired me to first start writing: Lynne Reid Banks
Michael Tait
Lynda Randall

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