Sunday, September 25, 2011

AwakeningFest: Hip-hop Group Grits Sounds off

AwakeningFest 2011. I got to ask a bunch of great musicians what they think the most important sound is! BigCof and Bonafide both agree that music is the sound that defines the world for them.

Unlike a lot of musicians, these gentlemen needed no time to think. Maybe that's because they're rappers, and quick with their mouths. Or maybe they were in a hurry. But to me, their certainty shouts that music really is important to them--it's their living after all--and it's cool to see that in the way they answered.

Not that a pensive, slower response means anything less. Simply that GRITS decided a long time ago that they would serve their world, themselves, and their God through music. For a lot of musicians like GRITS, music really is the most important sound in the world.

Check in with me tomorrow to see what the metal band Disciple said!

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