Monday, September 26, 2011

Help! Metal Band Disciple Sounds Off, But I Missed a Man

These guys are Kevin / Micah / Andrew / Israel and Trent.

Andrew is the guy who has question marks over his head in the subtitles. I am absolutely embarrassed to say I can't remember what Andrew said there. Please comment and help me solve the riddle of the 'sound that makes us all equal again.'

The point is made, however, even if I cannot solve the riddle. Some things make us equal, and the kind of music we listen to or the kind of sounds we prefer often label our socioeconomic status or inner sensibility. I don't know if that's how it should be--should we be labelled by our music? Or is it a good thing that you can often extrapolate to a person's inside based on what they like to hear? What say you?

Another interesting observation these guys bring up: the things dearest to our hearts are, quite obviously, often mothers and children. I don't believe that's biological wiring. I believe that's biological wiring meant to represent the state of human hearts. But of course, those kind of metaphors and things are not for here, but for here. What kind of sounds remind you of your mother? Are children a positive auditory experience for you? Just some stuff to think about.

And of course--who doesn't want to be poetic? Cicadas are pretty cool, Mr. Kevin, even though I know you were in a hurry to go. XD What kind of sounds do you think are the most poetic or clever, people? And the original sound, "eeeee" raises a similar question. What kind of sounds strike you, personally, as the most funny?

Hope that gave you guys some food for thought today. Again, this project is about you, thinking about life and what matters to you!

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  1. Also--stay tuned tomorrow to see hear what the band Hawk Nelson had to say!